ANPR - automatic license plate recognition system
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ANPR - license plate recognition system

ANPR - LPR - plate recognition
Our automatic license plate recognition system has the following options:

  • Car number plate identification with further picture storing;
  • Car access by the date and time;
  • Park management with number limit and zone restriction;
  • Black and white car numbers lists;
  • Automatic equipment control according to the parameters set;
  • A large number of supported countries;
  • Vehicle license plate recognition correctness more than 99 percent. night and day;
  • Correct license plate detection at different vehicle speed;
  • The universal system can connect to any IP camera;
  • The ability to work with different databases;
  • Possibility to connect an unlimited number of video cameras;
  • LED panels use;
  • Fast number plate identification using all the computer resources;
  • Web interface for work in the network;
  • ANPR recognizes cars: make, model, color, type.

Our company engages exclusively in the product and the adaptation to any object.

With this instruction you can look into system more deeply

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