ANPR - automatic license plate recognition system
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Projects made using license plate recognition technology

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SANITEX - number plate recognition system (BLS logistic warehouse)

The company Baltic Logistic Solutions in Baltic countries carry cargo and deliver it to customers. This is one of the largest and most stable logistic companies in the Baltic countries, offering all temperature regimes (-18, 0 ° C - + 6oC and + 22oC) comprehensive logistics services. The company's logistic centers meet the highest quality standards, establish a strategic region in the most convenient locations. The new car park and warehouse equipment, modern software process management software, experienced and professional staff ensure high quality and efficient logistic solutions for clients.

ANPR - LPR - plate recognition

Cars admission to protected parks using license plate recognition

Many companies, however, prefer a simple and effective solution - ANPR license plate recognition software.

ANPR - LPR - plate recognition
ANPR - LPR - plate recognition
ANPR - LPR - plate recognition
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