ANPR - automatic license plate recognition system
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How the car has to be seen in the number recognition system to work correctly? - Car license plate numbers size must not be less than 20 px. Or generally speaking, a car must take up at least 1/3 of the total area of the screen. Truck - at least 1/2.
  2. How fast the car can move ensure the system can capture the number? - This requirement depends only on the selected camera settings. Our system is designed so that it takes out each transmitted frame and in it looks for the number plates. It is therefore important that the every frame has to be in bright view. The main factor in this case - the camera gate speed (shutter speed). In the cameras it is usually set in automatic mode. In order to capture fast-moving vehicle number plates must change this setting to manual and set to not less than 1/500.
  3. If I prefer the system to be supplemented by missing functionality? We are always ready for the client wishes to realize in practice. You just need us to form a clear task for work.
  4. Is work in network possible? The system is designed to function using a single database, so it can be installed on remote computers that connect to a central database. Or it can act as a central server to pick-up a video stream and commands to remote units handing over a network.
  5. Does the system work at night without additional lighting? Yes. In the current facilities we use cameras, with infrared. They highlights the number plate in the dark, thus ensuring its recognition.
  6. Does the system recognize the number at night with car lights turned on, or very sunny day? Yes. The current facilities we use cameras, which use the BLC or WDR function. This feature adjusts the image so that the number is perfectly readable.
  7. What kind of cameras or video recorders can handle your system? Our system can work with all IP cameras directly or analog cameras connected through a video recorder that support RTSP or HTTP video transmission protocols. Today, almost all manufacturers of IP cameras have such functionality.
  8. In which operating systems can work in your system? Windows 10/11.
  9. What are the hardware requirements? at least i3 processor with AVX. It all depends on the image size transmitted from the camera. EG. If the camera is 1080p video quality and is required to process 2 cameras then we would need i3 processor, for 4 cameras - i5 processor, for 6 cameras - i7 processor, etc. However, if you reduce the resolution or the system have powerful video card, the number of cameras would be processed double that.
  10. Is it possible to reinstall the program to another computer? Yes. The program is not "tied" to the computer. Her requires a USB key. Therefore, if you want to transfer the program to another computer you need to carry and specially prepared USB stick too.
  11. Does remain in the system car numbers which have been refused? Yes, the system continuously makes numbers recognition and makes car pictures irrespective of whether they are admitted or not.
  12. What is the cost of software updates? By purchasing a program together you pay for the upgrades that will be released within 1 year from your purchase. After this time the updates will cost half the price of the acquisition program.
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